Appliance repair in San Francisco

These days we've come to rely on home appliances. They help us complete many chores by a simple touch of a button, and we don’t notice their presence until something goes out of order. All Appliance Doctor service center has been in the business of fixing home appliances since 2003. One of the most common problems that we face daily in repair has to do with dead motors, leaks, and broken control boards.Read more

Only when an appliance breaks, do we realize how essential it is in the household, how much time it saves, and how we have came to heavily rely on it working properly. Unfortunately breakdowns occur quiet frequently, every day we receive dozens of calls asking to repair and service a stove or a refrigerator, remove a leak in the washing machine, or clear a blockage in the dishwasher. And it is not always has to do with an old age of the equipment, very often it is due to improper initial installation and an unprofessional system connection. We will not talk about how quickly and efficiently our technicians operate. Excellent results are confirmed by absence of service recalls. We are always happy and ready to assist you with your appliances’ troubles. We don’t receive repeated calls from clients because we fix it right the first time!

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